Cheap Credit RepairOften clients have more than 90 days to resolve their credit issues. The professional staff at Lauren Graham and Associates, PLLC may be able to assist.

When a client is working with a smaller budget and they have more time this program is perfect for them. The goal is to verify and validate all debts on the credit report for maximum accuracy under Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) laws.



Once hired the staff, overseen by Christopher Graham, will prepare dispute letters or resolution letters based on the facts that the client provided. Once the creditor and credit reporting agencies have received our letters of representation and power of attorney, we begin communicating with them to obtain required documentation. [See Texas Finance Code]. If we do not receive documentation in a timely manner, improper documentation, or discover other collection violations we encourage the creditor to delete their credit reporting. If they can provide proper documentation then often client’s will settle with the creditor in writing. Sometimes the creditor will agree to delete the item from the credit report in exchange for a settlement.

Our process is open and transparent. You will always be kept informed of what is happening on your file.

Program Highlights

  • All documentation is returned to the client to return to the law firm
  • Usually the least cost way to do credit repair,
  • Results are in writing from credit reporting agency, debt collector, creditor, or an agreement that is signed between client and creditor.
  • Documentation provided can be used for Rapid Re-score with client’s loan officer.
  • Honest, Transparent Process
  • Double Verification through independent credit monitoring service.


Single Person

$19900For Months 1,2,3
  • After Month 4 – $59.00 / month until cancelled
  • Fees are taken at the end of each month
  • No money up front!


$29900For Months 1,2,3
  • After Month 4 – $79.99 / Month until cancelled
  • Fees are taken at the end of each month
  • No money up front!